Monday, 31 January 2011

Off to Prague to shoot my first ever documentary!

Yeeeey, this morning I am off to Prague! Not as a planner. Not as a moderator. Not as a powerpoint producer. As a filmmaker and storyteller. I am going to shoot there my first ever documentary! And going there with bunch of best girls you can travel with. So stay tuned for more ...

On the other note after weekend spend together I think we slowly become friends. I actually start to enjoy seeing the world through the lens and the ability to ‘shape’ the world I see. As opposed to feel constrained, for the first time since beginning of the journey I am starting to feel slightly empowered with the camera. Not liberated. Empowered.

Still, my little sequence about skateboarders ended up being softly killed by Ed’s feedback. What seemed to me as super dynamic shots when I was filming them, ended up looking indeed rather still and slow and stupid. I guess it means for me that I need to work much more on HOW rather than WHAT. Otherwise, it looks rather desperate. Even the most interesting idea is screwed up if it is filmed in a bad way. Still I am quite happy that I dared to get closer, talked to the 'strangers' and really enjoyed doing it. So my personal task for this week is: think, think, think before I follow my heart.

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  1. Good luck woman!It's great that you are starting to enjoy this finaly:-) will stay tuned for more!