Thursday, 2 December 2010

Waiting anxiously for 2011 people escape to the world of fantasy and imagination

It seems to me that after the raise and fall of the 'optimistic consumerism' - a grand narrative of the early 21-century, people in the UK seem to be 'silenced'. They are put on hold, in between something to which there is no return and something new, a new narrative that hasn’t yet emerged.
Since future is still an anxious question mark they escape to the world of privacy and to fantasy. In this time of ‘little stability’ it's not too bad yet. But doesn’t feel like its going to be any better any time soon. So … why not get the most out of it and… play play play.

A revival of 'vintage'

Welcome to the world of fantasy than! 70-ties are back and back in glory. It seems that grass - root vintage trend entered the high street stores and designer catwalks. East London certainly is a vintage Mecca, but thrift boutiques, vintage markets, retro outlets and retro hair dressers have populated the streets of entire London and far beyond. Not forgetting the big come back of mustache? Or am I a bit too east- london biased?

High street is so uncool!

'Back to seventies' is certainly much more than just a fashion trend. In the anxious, uncertain world, people embrace the color, the kitsch chic, the bigger - then- life forms and compositions. It is a big nod to people's bottom up creativity and courage. Anything goes as long as it resembles what we imagine as 'vintage' . Certainly no one really distinguish between what's 50ties, what's 70ties - Mad Men will tell you. What matters is that next to somebody dressed 'vintage', high street posh brands look lazy and stupid. Who would want a high street outfit when you can have a 'Mad Men' for 35! And trust me, is not about price. High street is just so uncool! Big brands feel so passé. Yuk!

Dress - up and dance like there's no tomorrow

Never seen and attended so many 'dress- up' parties in my life! Swinging 50ties, Cindirella vintage, Welcome to the forest - its just a few of them I attended. And people put enormous effort into dressing up and finding most hilarious clothes for these parties. And trust me it is not only about women! Everybody wants to sneak in to the world of fantasy and dream. This time is not about posh. This time is about carless joy, imaginatation and sharing.

So play play play. Before a new narrative arrives. Before its’ too late.

PS. Realize my fashion expertise might sound not too credible ☺, so I recommend 70s Style and Design by Kirsty Hislop and Dominic Lutyens, 15£ Amazon. Photo in this blog is the one used on the cover of the book.


  1. Nie zgadzam sie. Topshop jest tak samo modny jak byl 5 lat temu, kolejki pod H&M byly niesamowite kiedy zaczeto sprzedawac kolekcje Elbaza etc. Wiekszosci marek brak nowych pomyslow wiec wracaja bo stare wzroce ktore juz zniknely z pamieci konsumentow :)

  2. tak to prawda Anonimusie, bo 'hight street' kopiuje stare wzory. Ale jednak utzymuje, ze kupienie w second handzie jest bardziej cool niz w HMie :-) dzieki za komentarz

  3. napewno lepiej jest kupic w second handzie, choc z drugiej strony kwestia "i wyboraz sobie, kupilam to Topshopie" jest jednak ciagle na czasie :)


  4. Nostalgia and fanatsy are natural anti-depressants. I wonder if we are seeing the fagend of self-indulgent post-modernism. A new seriousness will arise in its ashes; or a new fatalism?