Friday, 29 October 2010

The Social Network: It's not where you come from, it's where you speak from

I can’t believe I am actually writing about this, but I am. Just seen The Social Network and I loved it. Not so much the film, but Mark Zuckerberg‘s story. I love the story. Love it to pieces.

The film touches upon few things that are amazing about facebook. Few things that come from such brilliantly simple observations. And get the spirit of the generation.

It is fantastically egalitarian. Get rid of the closed and exclusive. Get rid of the tribal thinking. Everyone can be member. Everybody can be friends on facebook. Those neglected, and those famous. No class, no privilege, no inheritance. Never ever closed doors.

Its not where you come from, its where you speak from. What you say is what matters. Not your parents. Not your titles. Not your business card. Yes, you might want to airbrush the photos you send, sex up your comments but at the end it is your individual expression. You cannot buy it. You have to create it.

It doesn’t break the rules. It reinvents them. The rebellion of my generation is not really about destruction. It is about reinvention.

It’s cause- driven, not- money driven. It made us all global citizens, gave us tools to be heard when we fight cause. And if you earn, 65 billion dollars on the way, by – the – way … well, it is even better, I certainly wouldn' t mind.

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