Tuesday, 16 November 2010

10 reasons why you should visit Hong Kong if you are extinct European species. A city that lives its future as quickly as it forgets its past

1. Get proper propotions. Arriving at the airport build on the artificial island, pass over 2 km long bridge that links it with Kowloon, get to your room at 30 something floor with the view over Hong Kong .. and see the forest of scyscapers rising in front of your eyes. Have a look at the South China Morning Post at breakfast and even do not try to look at the property price list. Yes, you’ve come from a tiny old village called Europe. The last remaining dinosaur.

2. Resist (or not) the „yellow fever“. If you fancy seeing white- sixty- years- old anglosaxon men attached to sixteen- year – old Chinese beauties - Hong Kong is the place. Apparently white men go crazy about Asian women the moment they come to Hong Kong. What did..Said write about Orientalism? Colonialism is not dead.

3. See the redefined luxury and … feel free to reject it. If you ever felt diminished walking past European most chic shopping streets go to Hong Kong. And see 5- storey Louis Vuitton on every corner. Feels like Mac Donalds. Anti - big brand therapy … oh yeah!

4. Fuel your imagination at Hollywood Road. Walking past little alleys with little antique shops, old Chinese jewellery, beautiful figures and marble animals. Probably the closest existing reincarnation of Bruno Schultz’s Sklepy Cynamonowe.

5. Sense the pulse the city in vertical and horizontal. Embrace Hong Kong‘s‚ unexpected colours, textures, smells and sounds on the ground, below and above. Melt in intense tones and unexpected combinations. Red that is really red and green that strikes with its absurdity. Smell the sea and the fish and the spices. Treat yourself with foot message. This city awakens all your senses. Do not control it. Breath it in.

6. Dine al fresco on the 61 st floor. Nothing wrong in embracing the nouveaux riche sometimes. London roof -terraces – go and hide!

7. Something Cheesy and Romantic: Fall in love with Kowloon – Hong Kong ferry. The most charming and efficient way of everyday commuting ever discovered. Be quick. Land reclaim means the bay is getting smaller everyday.

8. Have Lunch in former Admirality Club at Macao where colonial world meets brutal consumerism. And understand why Portuguese spent there over 500 years. A magical culinary and cultural journey in time surrounded by world’s ugliest casinos. Unforgettable. Only one hour away from HK.

9. Make friends with the Chinese. Hong Kong is probably the most alienating city I’ve ever visited when it comes to contact with indigenous population. Because there is NO contact whatsoever.

10. Come back, as tomorrow will not be same as today. Hong Kong is changing faster than chameleon. Remember present.This city lives the future as quicky as it forgets its own past.


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