Monday, 5 September 2011

Travelling back in time ....and falling in love with the midnight in paris.

Falling in love with Midnight in Paris is certainly not difficult. It’s quite likely, that I am last one to see the film, but I‘ve fallen in the Allen’s dreaming trap completely and do not want to return from there.

I love the idea of doing a film not about living a dream, but l living in dreams, where the difference between the past and present is just an illusion. While we are getting more and more used to traveling in space, we forget (or, I forget) how amazing it is to travel back in time.

My weekend has been yet again about my travel back into the Jewish warsaw. Listening to the sounds of klezmer music at the Singer festival I was trying later to re - imagine the bustling life of the Jewish Warsaw... Hearing the sounds of the music and watching people dancing at the Pardon to tu vine, vinyl & vintage bar i kept imagining i was hearing the laughs of the people sitting in the coffee bars at Grzybowska in the summer of 38...

Thinking about THAT Warsaw from the 38 that is not only gone, but its life that had been so terribly interrupted, Allen’s film made me smile about the prospect of new possibilities. Because, obviously when you travel back in time ... the past is never really gone and can be easily re- imagined and lived again. His film is immensely seducing way of thinking about the history ... as something that you can cherish and experience all over again again instead of worrying that it’s gone, closed or broken. All you need to do is dream .

And I guess I could easily stay in those sweet dreams, but it’s well after midnight ... and Mondays are those few remaining things that I cannot dream away ... yet :-)

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