Saturday, 16 April 2011

What we did in Prague ... my first little film about exploring

It's been a while since we've been to Prague with girls. I thought I would share this little film - it is not really finished, but I am being told by Vikram Jayanti, great documentary filmmaker and our course tutor that you never really finish your films, you abandon them ... so this is what happened here.

This little piece requires back story - as the story unfolds in the film so did our few days in Prague unfold, without really a proper plan, without any set agenda, but with open eyes and curious minds. We met so many amazing women in Prague - Jennifer, Marketa, Teresa, Dana, Lisbeth and Eva, just to name few of them - Czech and expats, we hosted a swap party in our flat, took an active part in conference about women in business and glass ceilings in Eastern Europe, went out for some nice lunches and boozy dinners with out new friends. This film is just a little memory of these happy and fascinating days with them and a short introduction to what 'exploring' is .. enjoy.

The music comes from my favourite film ever, Czech film of course - Samotari (The Loners,Samotni), photo shows sculpture of Czech artist David Czerny

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