Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Don’t give Breivik publicity he desires so badly! He must be laughing his ass in his air- conditioned cell.

There is something horrific about way in which media (both Polish and British) report the Oslo bombing and the terrible shooting in Utaya Island. I wish they could catalyze the collective sense of European grief and give their all attention to the victims and not to the oppressor!

I am really fed up with the reports about the bloody killer’s childhood. I am also not interested in what his father thinks about his son’s behavior. Who should care when they guy killed dozens of innocent people? But first of all I am really fed up with the ongoing attempts to seek explanations of his horrible attack.

They guy is a mass murderer. He committed one of the most terrible atrocities that Europe seen in years. Honestly. There is really no need to agonize over 15000 pages of his insane ideology to know that his act is appalling! In giving the space to his fascist & xenophobic we are actually are doing what the guy dreamed about – giving him a platform from which everyone can hear his hatred talk.

I am also appalled by the way in which his anti- Islamic and racist views are commented as a sign of ‘neutral’ explanation of his mass murder without a sign of devastating critique they deserve! As if he was touching into a taboo problem that nobody dares to discuss, but everybody tends to agree in secret.
Portraying him as the fucking anti – Islam crusader without open criticism actually justifies his cause!
Makes his cause relevant in the social and European context. Which is bloody not true.

Because his voice is NOT of Europeans worried that there are too many immigrants. His act is NOT a sign that multicultural society supposedly does not work. It is NOT about anti – ISLAM feelings across Europe and NOT about state of European democracy.

His act IS a terribly crime against humanity. And this man lost the right to be treated a human being. And this is what I would love to read in media.

Instead, I will be reading in the Observer book review in 2015 that his diaries written from his cell are bestseller in number of European markets.

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  1. Would appreciate a bio pic of the victims, sick of hearing about the perps