Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Ho Chi Minh never dies

Proud to be VietnameseIn case you still do not remeber this 'nice' manPower show - offHo Chi Minh Mausolem - Hanoiin front of Ho mausoleum - HanoiScenki z życia codziennego| happy nation in every day life
Uncle Ho in actionHo in HanoiJourney in time ... back in 70 ties, HanoiA guard at Museum of Vietnamese Revolution. Picture from 2011 or was it back to 1970?'How we defeated Americans museum'How we defeated French
P1020976Pretty streetRoyal Palace? Nope, Parti Communista - SaigonPeace lovers! Bien sur! God, please save me from all of them:-)

Ho Chi Minh never dies, a set on Flickr.
Ho Chi Ming and official communist ideology (excuse the free market) remain very much alive ... at least in urban landscape, not sure about the hearts of Vietnamese.

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