Monday, 13 September 2010

The Good Pitch is a one-day live event organized by Channel 4 BRITDOC Foundation bringing together specially selected partners

Indeed I was a slightly 'tired' after previous night's Saatchi 40 party, but what I saw at Royal Institution was truly groundbreaking. All day was around finding creative ways of supporting films which do good and have ambition to have a lasting impact – be it support education model in Kenya, sports among older people, fight against drugs, understand homelessness, or live with cancer. Each one was a huge social cause in its own right.

Throughout the day eight different filmmaking teams were pitching their films and its associated outreach campaign to the assembled audience with the aim of creating a unique coalition around each film to maximise its impact and influence. Filmmakers were looking for money, but also for distribution, postproduction, different ways in which their ideas could travel. So for every pitch presentation special panel would be assembled, everytime tailored to the needs of the film and the idea – brand people would sit with broadcasters, with academics or think – tank leaders, NGOs, policy - makers. All hosted and moderated by amazing Jess Search, head of Channel 4 BRIT DOC Foundation.

Couple of thoughts.

Amazing format to encourage brands/ marketing companies to engage in social causes that goes beyond sponsoring and actually make them excited. Opportunity to co - create rather than take for granted.

Amazing format to recreate in Poland or anywhere else. I would love to see this happening around ideas, not necessairly ready or half- ready films. I think it's an amazing opportunity to encourage a grass roots participation, fresh artists, non- professionals.

Amazing day of inspiration for my own documentary project about Palestine. And made me realized that making documentary is a huge project that takes much more than just an idea – and I have no idea about any of the important things – do I need dierector? Who will be my producer etc. But, hey nothing is impossible.

Below, the list of films that were pitched - enjoy!

And a trailer of one of the films - One Small Act


  1. sounds fascinating! keep me posted on your adventures. i'd love to come join you in one ;0)

  2. I like the idea of giving ideas potential to grow. Mutually beneficial for those who have them and for those who have sources. Plus grate you of what you have phrased as a socasrtist, this truly makes the difference.