Wednesday, 2 July 2014


I am increasingly worried that the IDF (Israeli Defense Forces) hand in hand with settlers will wipe out Palestinians and Palestine from the map in the act of vengeance for a terrible act of kidnapping and killing of teenage Jeshiva students.

I hope that there are Israelis that will be able to stop this rise of violence before its too late. I realize it must be difficult to feel any compassion for Palestinians, for the 'other' when one is broken by pain. I am calling exclusively for Israelis because, contrary to the media broadcast, in this conflict it is the Israelis that have all cards in their hands. It is Israeli governement that needs to really want peace for peace to emerge.

Yes. I am very sorry for the death of teenage Jewish boys. It was an inhumane act.

I am equally sorry for the death of Palestinian boys in the 'search' operation and the latest Palestinian victim killed in the likely act of revenge. It was also inhumane.

And I am increasingly upset that once again Israeli lives seem to be worth more than Palestinian lives.

In case of Jewish boys that went missing and found dead - I could learn their names and their stories, the condolences and condemnation were sent from the entire world, the burial ceremony transmitted live in most important media outlets. It had been news number #1 for the past few days.

Nobody reported the side story: that settlers in Hebron and South Hebron Hills, where the boys were abducted, are the most violent groups in the West Bank and that illegal Jewish settlements installed in the heart of Palestinian city make every day lives of Palestinians in Hebron - a hell on earth, that settleres of South Hebron Hills confiscate Palestinian land, attack Palestinian kids daily, that Palestinian villages of South Hebron Hills, in the area where kindapping took place, have been converted into 'firing zone' - the army camp for Israeli army. No, this does not legitimize the horrendous murder. But it adds an important context that helps to understand.

Hamas was to blame immediately. Perhaps it is the case, but Israel failed to present any proofs for that. Nevertheless Israel 'preventively' bombarded Gaza and blown up the houses of the 'suspects' - made a hell out of already hellish life of millions of Palestinians. For a democratic state it is illegal to use collective punishment. It is illegal to punish for a most horrendous crime without a trial. For a human being it is inhumane to punish those who are not guilty. 

In case of Palestinians that were killed in the 'search' operation ... we never learned their names,  their remained just numbers, without faces, there remained just 'casualties'  - a 'side - product' of the 'legitimate' search in which Israeli army literally razed Palestinian cities and arrested hundreds of Palestinians. 

This morning a Palestinian boy (17 was abducted from Palestinian Jerusalem neighborhood of Beit Hanina (surrounded by settlements). His name was Mohammad Abu Khdair. He was kidnapped, brutally murdered and left in West Jerusalem forest.

Israeli authorities ask all sides to 'wait' and warn against jumping to conclusions until it is proven that it was act of revange.

Let's wait. And hope it will not be too late.

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